Land Improvement - Soil Remediation

Soil Remediation

Uncontrolled use of the land may damage the soil, requiring measures for combatting soil degradation, such as:

  • Combating desertification;
  • Decontamination of polluted land;
  • Land rehabilitation after industrial or mining usage;

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1990 to cover any Long Range Radar surveillance gaps Site Inactivated 1994 and remediation work was completed by 2005 ... Short Range Radar installed 1994 Former DEW station remediation work was completed by 2005 ... Site Inactivated 2007 due to soil erosion budget concerns ...
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... over 250 properties had been found to have dangerous concentrations of PCBs in soil, and 180 properties had had contaminated soil removed ... There have been many programs of remediation work to reduce the PCB pollution ... found at Bakers Falls, near the former GE Hudson Falls factory, and a program of remediation was started ...

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