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Lamont (name) - People With The Given Name Lamont or LaMont
... Duncan Lamont Clinch Harold Lamont Otey Lamont Bentley Lamont Brightful Lamont Bryan Lamont Coleman Lamont Dozier Lamont Hollinquest Lamont Johnson LaMont Johnson LaMont Jordan Lamont Pearson Lamont Peterson ...
Lamont Harp - Appearance
... The Lamont Harp stands 95 cm tall and 42.5 cm wide and is considerably larger than the 2 other medieval harps (Queen Mary and Trinity harps), but smaller than other surviving Gaelic Harps ... The Lamont harp has very little decorative carving when compared to the other surviving examples, and was constructed with fine metal fittings, notably fox ... The Lamont harp bears the inscription “Al Stew(art) of Clunie his Harp 165(0)” although this is too late a date for the original construction of the harp this may relate to the repair ...
Lamont (name)
... Lamont ( listen, sometimes listen), also spelt LaMont ( listen), is a surname with several different origins, one Scottish and Northern Irish, the other in French ... lay down") + maðr meaning "man." see Clan Lamont In some cases the surname originates in France ... In this case Lamont or LaMont is a habitational name derived from several different places called Amont in Haute-Saône and Haute-Vienne ...
List Of The Bill Characters (E-L) - L - Stuart Lamont
... Stuart Lamont First appearance Seen To Be Done (31 August 1989) Last appearance Still Crazy (18 January 2001) Portrayed by Steve Morley Information Occupation Police Officer Title Detective ... Lamont was later promoted to a DS, and appeared in the CID office shortly after the events of the Don Beech Scandal ... Lamont departed from Sun Hill in January 2001 in unknown circumstances ...
Lamont, Kansas
... Lamont (also La Monts Mill) is an unincorporated community in northeastern Greenwood County, Kansas, United States ... Although Lamont is unincorporated, it has a post office, with the ZIP code of 66855 ...

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    Who has ever stopped to think of the divinity of Lamont Cranston?
    Imamu Amiri Baraka (b. 1934)