Lamb Shift

In physics, the Lamb shift, named after Willis Lamb (1913–2008), is a small difference in energy between two energy levels and (in term symbol notation) of the hydrogen atom in quantum electrodynamics (QED). According to Dirac, the and orbitals should have the same energies. However, the interaction between the electron and the vacuum causes a tiny energy shift on . Lamb and Robert Retherford measured this shift in 1947, and this measurement provided the stimulus for renormalization theory to handle the divergences. It was the harbinger of modern quantum electrodynamics developed by Julian Schwinger, Richard Feynman, and Shinichiro Tomonaga. Lamb won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955 for his discoveries related to the Lamb shift.

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Lamb Shift in The Hydrogen Spectrum
... In 1947, Hans Bethe was the first to explain the Lamb shift in the hydrogen spectrum, and he thus laid the foundation for the modern development of quantum electrodynamics ... The Lamb shift currently provides a measurement of the fine-structure constant α to better than one part in a million, allowing a precision test of quantum electrodynamics ... perspective relates Zitterbewegung to the Lamb shift ...
Shelter Island Conference - Proceedings - Lamb Shift
... Willis Lamb had found when probing hydrogen atoms with microwave beams that one of the two possible quantum states had slightly more energy than predicted by the Dirac theory this became known as ... Lamb had discovered the shift a few weeks before (with Robert Retherford), so this was a major talking point at the conference ... of the magnetic moment of the electron, though this was overshadowed by Lamb’s work ...
Precision Tests Of QED - Measurements of The Fine-structure Constant Using Different Systems - Low-energy Measurements - Lamb Shift
... The Lamb shift is a small difference in the energies of the 2 S1/2 and 2 P1/2 energy levels of hydrogen, which arises from a one-loop effect in ... The Lamb shift is proportional to α5 and its measurement yields the extracted value α−1 = 137.036 8 (7) ...

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