Lai Tung Pai - Style Specifics

Style Specifics

Lai Tung Pai is a Sil Lum (Shaolin) style of martial art. Both external and internal in nature, Lai Tong Pai has several forms that are to be done with external and/or internal power control (see Chinese Martial Arts). Lai Tung Pai forms are generally short (24 to 36 moves), with the exception of the Keun Jong form, that consists of over 400 moves. Many bridging forms exist and a very mobile form named Lao Ying. Story goes that this form was created by a monk that had a dream of a dragon waking up from a nap and being startled by the wind blowing the willow tree limbs. That then resulting with the dragon fighting the willow tree. Lai Tung Pai also has its own tai chi form called 5 element tai chi. The style also erforms the traditional Sil Lum weapons (staff, 8' Long Pole, broadsword, butterfly knives, with the most famous being the two section spear), and uses several Muk Yan Jong. Lai Tung Pai also teaches and performs the traditional Lion Dance and the Dragon Dance.

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