Laddie may refer to:

  • "Laddie", played by Lassie in Son of Lassie
  • "Laddie", an animal on The Simpsons
  • "Laddie", a counterpart-of-sorts to Gaspode in Terry Pratchett's Discworld series.
  • "Laddie", the name of a male sacrificial victim of a Scottish pagan cult in Cowboys for Christ
  • "Laddie", the word for boy in Scottish English
  • "Laddie, a True Blue Story", a book by Gene Stratton-Porter
  • Laddie (film), a 1940 American film based on the Stratton-Porter book, and directed by Jack Hively
  • "Laddie", nickname for the whiskies from the Bruichladdich Distillery, the new 10 years old is actually named "The Laddie Ten"

Other articles related to "laddie":

The Rantin Laddie - Lyrics
... I played at the cards and the dice Wi' my ain dear rantin' laddie But noo I maun sit in my father's kitchen nook, And sing baloo to my bastard bairnie ... rin on to the gates o'Aboyne Wi'a letter to my rantin' laddie ... caddie, That ye sae aft call on his name, Your own dear rantin' laddie ? My love's nae a laird, nor is he a lord, Nor is he but a caddie But he's ...
Laddie Cain
... Laddie Cain was the tenor for the Florida Boys, a Southern Gospel quartet, in the 1970s ... Persondata Name Cain, Laddie Alternative names Short description Date of birth Place of birth Date of death Place of death ...
The Gypsy Laddie - Broadsides
... Bodleian, Harding B 11(1446), "Gypsy Laddie," W ... The Gipsy Laddy" Harding B 11(1317), "The Gipsy Laddie, O" Firth b.26(198), Harding B 15(116b), 2806 c.14(140), "The Gipsy Laddie" Firth b.25(56), "Gypsie Laddie" Murray, Mu23-y30 ...
Scottish Highland Dance - Types - List
... Scottish Lilt Flora MacDonald's Fancy Wilt thou go to the barracks, Johnny? Highland Laddie (Hielan' Laddie) Blue Bonnets Over the Border Village Maid Scotch ... McKenzie Flowers of Edinburgh Hebridean Laddie Over the Water to Charlie The Dusty Miller Aberdonian Lassie Bobby Cuthbertson Louden Lassies The Thistle The Bonnie Briest ...
Son Of Lassie - Plot
... who immediately begins the process of selecting the best dogs for training, including Laddie, the young pup of the champion collie, Lassie ... for training school, he is forced to leave behind his dog Lassie and her pup, Laddie ... Laddie, being considered as a "war dog", follows Joe to training school and then stows away on his master's bomber, just as it takes off on a dangerous mission over ...

Famous quotes containing the word laddie:

    Oft have I played at cards and dice,
    Because they were so enticing;
    But this is a sad and sorrowful day
    To see my apron rising.
    —Unknown. The Rantin Laddie (l. 1–4)

    Ye lassies all, where’er ye be,
    And ye lie with an east-shore laddie,
    Ye’ll happy be and ye’ll happy be,
    For they are frank and free.
    —Unknown. The Rantin Laddie (l. 49–52)

    ‘Will ye go with me, my hinny and my heart?
    Will you go with me, my dearie?
    And I will swear by the hilt of my spear,
    That your lord shall no more come near thee.’
    —Unknown. The Gypsy Laddie (l. 13–16)