Ladd Ehlinger Jr. - Hive Mind

In 2010, Ehlinger released another full-length film, more overtly political than the last. This film, Hive Mind, centers on a conservative talk radio host who is the last "normal" human in a world otherwise inhabited entirely by zombies who are part of the "Hive Mind" of the title.

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... The Bohrok in the LEGO Bionicle saga are controlled by Krana, which link up in a hive mind The Kilik an insectoid species from the Star Wars EU (Expanded Universe) The Pokémo ... the temporal chaos of Time Spiral Slivers take the hive mind idea a step further instead of sharing just a consciousness, they also share physical attributes, such as breathing fire, regenerating ...
Hive Mind

HiveMind is an upcoming real life simulation being designed by Will Wright's company of the same name. Wright calls it "personal gaming", in which the player's interests affect the content of the game, saying, "Rather than craft a game like FarmVille for players to learn and play, we learn about you and your routines and incorporate that into a form of game play." The game will harvest data about the players in order to create content. It would not initiate this process, but would be permitted to do so by players. It has been described as "an immersive game that uses real-world information about a user to develop a unique in-game experience tailored to each player."

The release date of the game has not been announced, nor have the platforms on which it will be available, although it will probably be incorporated into mobile devices.

It was announced in early June 2012 that the entire project was on hold due to ongoing legal disputes between company executives. Said Wright, "Hivemind is still a company. But it has no money. No nothing. It's just sitting there because of the litigation. It is frozen. It's so complex and there's quite a bit of disappointment.... We have to find out where this is going in the near term." On October 26, Wright and HiveMind co-founder Jawad Ansari stated they had settled their disagreements regarding the company. Wright said, "We are pleased to have reached a friendly and respectful resolution. Jawad’s entrepreneurial energy, passion for the expansion of the online game industry and tenacious execution brought the necessary elements together to build Hive Mind to where the operating team can take the Company forward."

Group Mind (science Fiction)
... A group mind, hive mind or group ego in science fiction is a single, collective consciousness or intelligence occupying many bodies or entities ... A group mind might be formed by telepathy, by adding brain-to-brain communication to ordinary individuals, or by some unspecified means ... This term may be used interchangeably with "hive mind" ...
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... The extraterrestrial hive mind named Medusa in The Cosmic Rape (also known as To Marry Medusa) by Theodore Sturgeon ... The coalescent hives in Stephen Baxter's Destiny's Children series ... Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, and Children of the Mind) ...

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    Ideas that enter the mind under fire remain there securely and for ever.
    Leon Trotsky (1879–1940)

    They yelleden as fiendes doon in hell;
    The duckes cryden as men would them quell;
    The geese for feare flewen over the trees;
    Out of the hive came the swarm of bees.
    Geoffrey Chaucer (1340?–1400)