The term Lacrimal (/ˈlækrɪməl/

alternative spelling Lachrymal) can refer to
  • In typography:
    • A type of Stroke ending (typography)
  • In anatomy
    • Lacrimal apparatus
    • Lacrimal artery
    • Lacrimal bone
    • Lacrimal canaliculi (singular: canaliculus), also known as Lacrimal ducts
    • Lacrimal fossa (disambiguation)
    • Lacrimal fluid, see Tears
    • Lacrimal gland
    • Lacrimal groove, also known as Lacrimal sulcus
    • Lacrimal hamulus
    • Lacrimal lake
    • Lacrimal nerve
    • Lacrimal papilla
    • Lacrimal punctum
    • Lacrimal sac
    • Lacrimal secretion, see Tears
    • Lacrimal tubercle
    • Nasolacrimal duct

Other articles related to "lacrimal":

Ciaccio's Glands
... Ciaccio's glands are small tubular accessory lacrimal glands (glandulae lacrimales accessoriae) found in the lacrimal caruncle of the eyelid ... Another type of accessory lacrimal gland are "Krause's glands", which are smaller, more numerous than "Ciaccio's glands" and are found along the superior and inferior ...
Lacrimal Sac
... The lacrimal sac is the upper dilated end of the nasolacrimal duct, and is lodged in a deep groove formed by the lacrimal bone and frontal process of the maxilla ... It connects the lacrimal canaliculi, which drain tears from the eye's surface, and the nasolacrimal duct, which conveys this fluid into the nasal cavity ... This is mainly for high amounts of tears, in which the lacrimal sac pumps inward and outward driven by the orbicularis muscle during blinking ...
Outline Of Human Anatomy - Anatomy of The Human Body - Sense Organs
... Eyelash Superior tarsus Inferior tarsus Tarsal glands Ciliary glands Conjunctiva Lacrimal caruncle Lacrimal apparatus Lacrimal gland Lacus lacrimalis Lacrimal papilla Lacrimal punctum Lacrimal canaliculus Lacrimal sac ...
Lacrimal Hamulus
... The posterior lacrimal crest, with a part of the orbital surface immediately behind it, gives origin to the lacrimal part of the Orbicularis oculi and ends below in a small, hook-like ...