Lacquer Tree

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Selected Species of Toxicodendron
... Potanin's lacquer tree or Chinese varnish tree (Toxicodendron potaninii or Rhus potaninii) from central China, is similar to T ... vernicifluum it is used for lacquer production ... structure, and vines may extend outward like limbs, so that it appears to be a Poison ivy "tree" ...
... It contains woody trees, shrubs and vines, including poison ivy, poison oak, and the lacquer tree ... (toxikos), meaning "poison," and δένδρον (dendron), meaning "tree" ... vines, climbing vines, shrubs, or, in the case of lacquer tree and poison sumac, as trees ...

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    The Anglo-American can indeed cut down, and grub up all this waving forest, and make a stump speech, and vote for Buchanan on its ruins, but he cannot converse with the spirit of the tree he fells, he cannot read the poetry and mythology which retire as he advances. He ignorantly erases mythological tablets in order to print his handbills and town-meeting warrants on them.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)