Labiodental Fricative

Labiodental fricative may refer to:

  • Voiced labiodental fricative
  • Voiceless labiodental fricative
  • "Labio Dental Fricative", a song by Vivian Stanshall & The Sean Head Showband, included on the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band album The History of the Bonzos

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List Of Latin Letters - Letters With Diacritics
... and Chechen C̣ c̣ C with dot below Ç ç C with cedilla Voiceless palatal fricative Ḉ ḉ C with cedilla and acute Ç̆ ç̆ C with cedilla and breve ISo 9 Ç̌ ç̌ C with ... Ħ ħ H with stroke Voiceless pharyngeal fricative Maltese Ɦ ɦ H with hook Voiced glottal fricative Dagaare, Massa Ⱨ ⱨ H with descender Uyghur ... Cyrillic Ҙ ҙ Ꜧ ꜧ Heng Juhuri ɧ Heng with hook Voiceless palatal-velar fricative Í í I with acute Ì ì I with grave Ĭ ĭ I with breve Î î I with circumflex Romanian Î́ î́ I with circumflex and acute ...
List Of Consonants - Ordered By Place of Articulation - Labial Consonants - Labiodental Consonants
... labiodental approximant labiodental nasal (symphony) voiced labiodental fricative (van) Voiced labiodental plosive Voiced labiodental affricate voiceless labiodental fricative (fan ...
Proto-Circassian Language - Phonology - The Most Noticeable Changes Are
... ɕʼəʔʷ Many ejective affricates become ejective fricatives ... A series of labialized alveolar sibilant affricates and fricatives becomes labiopalatalized in Adyghe, and labiodental in Kabardian ... affricate become in most Circassian dialects as an alveolar lateral ejective fricative ...