Labiodental Flap - Transcription


When described in the literature, it is often transcribed by a v modified by the extra-short diacritic, ⟨v̆⟩, following a recommendation of the International Phonetic Association. The v with left loop symbol has been employed for the sound in articles from the School of Oriental and African Studies and by Joseph Greenberg. In 2005 the International Phonetic Association, responding to Dr. Kenneth S. Olson's request for its adoption, voted to include a symbol for this sound, and selected a v with a right hook:

This symbol is a combination of ⟨v⟩ + ⟨ɾ⟩ (the letters for the voiced labiodental fricative and the alveolar flap). As of version 5.1.0, the Unicode character set encodes this character at U+2C71 (ⱱ). If interoperability is not needed, some fonts include the "Latin small letter v with right hook" glyph as a private use character in the PUA area of Unicode used by SIL International, as U+F25F ().

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