Labiodental Flap

The labiodental flap is a speech sound found primarily in languages of Central Africa, such as Kera and Mangbetu. It has also been reported in the Austronesian language Sika. It is one of the few non-rhotic flaps.

The sound begins with the lower lip placed behind the upper teeth. The lower lip is then flipped outward, striking the upper teeth in passing. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨ⱱ⟩, which resembles Cyrillic izhitsa, ⟨ѵ⟩, but is composed of a vee and the hook of the flap ⟨ɾ⟩.

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Labiodental Flap - Occurrence
... The labiodental flap is found primarily in Africa, in perhaps a couple hundred languages in the Chadic family (Margi, Tera), Ubangian (Ngbaka, Ma'bo, Sera), Central Sudanic (Mangbetu ... In free variation with bilabial flap Sika "I stand a pole in the ground" Contrasts with /v/ and /β/ ... May also be realized as The bilabial flap is a variant of the labiodental flap in several languages, including Mono ...
Bilabial Flap
... The bilabial flap is an uncommon non-rhotic flap ... It is usually, and perhaps always, an allophone of the labiodental flap, though it is the preferred allophone in a minority of languages such as Banda and some of ... Since flaps are similar to brief stops, it could alternatively be transcribed as ⟨b̆⟩, but this could lead to interference between the diacritic and ...
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