Labia Minora - Size and Shape

Size and Shape

In or around 2004, researchers from the Department of Gynaecology, Elizabeth Garret Anderson Hospital in London, measured the labia and other genital structures of 50 women from the age of 18 to 50, with a mean age of 35.6. The results were:

Measuring Range Mean
Clitoral length (mm) 5–35 19.1
Clitoral glans width (mm) 3–10 5.5
Clitoris to urethra (mm) 16–45 28.5
Labia majora length (cm) 7.0–12.0 9.3
Labia minora length (mm) 20–100 60.6
Labia minora width (mm) 7–50 21.8
Perineum length (mm) 15–55 31.3
Vaginal length (cm) 6.5–12.5 9.6
Tanner stage (n) IV 4
Tanner stage (n) V 46
Colour of genital area

compared with surrounding skin (n)

Same 9
Colour of genital area

compared with surrounding skin (n)

Darker 41
Rugosity of labia (n) Smooth 14
Rugosity of labia (n) Moderate 34
Rugosity of labia (n) Marked 2

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