La Sallian Educational Institutions

La Sallian educational institutions are educational institutions affiliated with the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, also known as the De La Salle Brothers or the De La Salle Christian Brothers, a Roman Catholic religious teaching order founded by French Priest Saint Jean-Baptiste de La Salle, who was canonized in 1900 and proclaimed by the Vatican in 1950 as patron saint of all teachers. The De La Salle Brothers, assisted by more than 73,000 lay colleagues, teach over 900,000 students in 80 countries.

La Sallian educational institutions come to prayer with the call;
Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.
They close prayer with the call and response:
St. John Baptist de La Salle,
Pray for us.
Live Jesus in our hearts,

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    Unless we maintain correctional institutions of such character that they create respect for law and government instead of breeding resentment and a desire for revenge, we are meeting lawlessness with stupidity and making a travesty of justice.
    Mary B. Harris (1874–1957)

    If an educational act is to be efficacious, it will be only that one which tends to help toward the complete unfolding of life. To be thus helpful it is necessary rigorously to avoid the arrest of spontaneous movements and the imposition of arbitrary tasks.
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