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La Salle's cadet battalion was first formed in 1891. Presently, all high school students at La Salle are enrolled in the Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) Program. The goal of the program at the Institute is not to prepare students to be soldiers nor facilitate recruitment, but to motivate the youths to be better citizens. The JROTC program at La Salle has been distinguished as an "Honor Unit with Distinction" by the United States Department of the Army. This is the highest merit ranking a school can be given. It means that La Salle Institute scored above a 95 on the assessment by the Department of the Army that occurs every 3 years.

Currently, the highest cadet ranks available to cadets are Cadet Sergeant for Freshmen, Cadet Master Sergeant for Sophomores, Cadet Command Sergent Major for Juniors, and Cadet Colonel for Seniors. At the present time there are only one Cadet Sergeant who is a Freshman, one Cadet Master Sergeant who is a Sophomore, and one Cadet Colonel. The current Senior to be Cadet Colonel is Andrew Witkowski. The current Sophomore to hold the rank of Master Sergeant is Frederick III Bayer, who was also the first Freshman to be promoted to the rank of Cadet Sergeant. The current Freshman to be a Cadet Sergeant is Christopher Ribét, the second person to hold this rank as a Freshman.

The Commander of the O'Donovan drill team is c/COL Witkowski. The Commander of the McCormick drill team is c/LTC Hellmich. The Commander of the Color Guard is c/LTC Balli.

The Color Guard can be used to present the colors at various ceremonies and events, and they may be contacted through the school

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