La Ruleta De La Fortuna - Puzzles - Prueba De Velocidad (Toss-Up Puzzle)

Prueba De Velocidad (Toss-Up Puzzle)

As the Wheel of Fortune (US game show), a puzzle is revealed one letter at a time, and a player may buzz in at any time to solve. Unlike the U.S. version, players are allowed an unlimited number of guessed. There are three Toss-Ups in each show, two at the beginning and one in the near end. Usually, the first and third are song lyrics, while the second is always a "mad headline" (any piece of news that is strange or funny). Each puzzle is worth €100.

In the events of a tie before the Bonus Round, a Toss-Up is played to decide the player that proceeds to this Round, but no cash is awarded.

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