La Recueja - Information


Coordinates: 39°11′N 1°29′W / 39.183°N 1.483°W / 39.183; -1.483

Municipalities in the province of Albacete
  • Abengibre
  • Alatoz
  • Albacete
  • Albatana
  • Alborea
  • Alcadozo
  • Alcalá del Júcar
  • Alcaraz
  • Almansa
  • Alpera
  • Ayna
  • Balazote
  • Balsa de Ves
  • Barrax
  • Bienservida
  • Bogarra
  • Bonete
  • Carcelén
  • Casas de Juan Núñez
  • Casas de Lázaro
  • Casas de Ves
  • Casas-Ibáñez
  • Caudete
  • Cenizate
  • Chinchilla de Monte-Aragón
  • Corral-Rubio
  • Cotillas
  • El Ballestero
  • El Bonillo
  • Elche de la Sierra
  • Férez
  • Fuensanta
  • Fuente-Álamo
  • Fuentealbilla
  • Golosalvo
  • Hellín
  • Higueruela
  • Hoya-Gonzalo
  • Jorquera
  • La Gineta
  • La Herrera
  • La Recueja
  • La Roda
  • Letur
  • Lezuza
  • Liétor
  • Madrigueras
  • Mahora
  • Masegoso
  • Minaya
  • Molinicos
  • Montalvos
  • Montealegre del Castillo
  • Motilleja
  • Munera
  • Navas de Jorquera
  • Nerpio
  • Ontur
  • Ossa de Montiel
  • Paterna del Madera
  • Peñas de San Pedro
  • Peñascosa
  • Pétrola
  • Povedilla
  • Pozo Cañada
  • Pozo-Lorente
  • Pozohondo
  • Pozuelo
  • Riópar
  • Robledo
  • Salobre
  • San Pedro
  • Socovos
  • Tarazona de la Mancha
  • Tobarra
  • Valdeganga
  • Vianos
  • Villa de Ves
  • Villalgordo del Júcar
  • Villamalea
  • Villapalacios
  • Villarrobledo
  • Villatoya
  • Villavaliente
  • Villaverde de Guadalimar
  • Viveros
  • Yeste

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    Phenomenal nature shadows him wherever he goes. Clouds in the staring sky transmit to one another, by means of slow signs, incredibly detailed information regarding him. His inmost thoughts are discussed at nightfall, in manual alphabet, by darkly gesticulating trees. Pebbles or stains or sunflecks form patterns representing in some awful way messages which he must intercept. Everything is a cipher and of everything he is the theme.
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