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Concert Band & Marching Band

The 2008-2009 school year divided LJISD into three high schools.

  • La Joya High School Coyote Band

La Joya High School has earned an outstanding number of accolades in the past decade. Concert Bands have consistently received UIL Sweepstakes Awards (given to bands that perform a "Superior" rating on their concert portion of the contest, where they perform three prepared contrasting pieces of music for three judges, and a "Superior" rating on their sight-reading portion of the contest, where they learn a brand new piece of music never-before seen or played by anyone in just seven minutes, then perform it for three additional judges).

LJHS has also had great success on the marching field. In 1998, La Joya High School Marching Band and their show "Firebird Suite" made history by marking its first appearance at the coveted UIL 5A State Marching Band Contest at Baylor University, akin to the State Championships of Football. Roughly 25-35 of the best bands in the entire State of Texas compete to see who is crowned the best band in the state. Because there are many different classifications in UIL, 5A and 3A bands compete only on EVEN years, and 4A, 2A and 1A schools compete on ODD years. Two years later, La Joya HS made history again in 2000 with their show "By Air, By Sea, and By Land", earning a second consecutive appearance at the UIL 5A State Marching Band Contest at Baylor University. In 2002, La Joya HS advanced to the UIL 5A State Marching Band Contest at Baylor University yet again with their show "Stravinky's Uproar". Harlingen High School also advanced to State for its second consecutive time, sparking an unofficial rivalry between the two schools. This would also mark the last time Baylor University would host the UIL contest due to the unnaturally cold weather that year. Bands were not able to compete to their fullest due to the rain and sleet that created BU's football field into a muddy mess. The "Finals" portion of the contest was cancelled due to the many injuries on the field and the unsafe conditions for marching. A consensus was made by UIL officials to leave the Preliminary rankings as the official Finals ranking.

In 2004, UIL decided to move the enormous contest indoors, and since then, UIL 5A State Marching Contest is held at San Antonio's Alamodome. La Joya High School once again made history by marking its fourth consecutive appearance at the contest. The only other 5A school in the Rio Grande Valley to have the same amount of consecutive appearances was Harlingen High School, which also advanced to the State contests in 1998, 2000, 2002, and 2004. La Joya High School performed what many call today their "best performance ever" with their show "Midnight at the Louvre". It was a spectacle like no other, and this marked La Joya High School's last appearance. In 2006, La Joya HS failed to advance to the State Marching Contest, after failing to advance to Finals at Area G Contest. This was a very hard moment in the history of the program, and Harlingen High School was able to finally best La Joya by advancing to State yet again. In 2008, the split hurt the program, and it is now working to return to the spotlight where it belongs. Despite this, the marching band has yet to get anything less than a Division I "Superior" rating at the annual UIL "Pigskin Jubilee" since 1997.

  • Palmview High School Lobo Band

Palmview High School is a young school, and their band program began with success. The Concert Bands have done well, and the Wind Ensemble received a UIL Sweepstakes Award (see La Joya High School's band section for more on this award) during its inaugural year.

For the Palmview High School Lobo Marching Band, the 2008 year marked its inaugural season, and despite receiving a Division II "Excellent" rating at the annual UIL Pigskin Jubilee with their show "Transfigurations", they went on to win the "2008 USSBA Group IV A Texas State Championship" at Schertz, Texas. In 2009, they received a Division II "Excellent" rating yet again at the UIL Pigskin Jubilee with their show "Nightscapes".

  • Juarez-Lincoln High School Husky Band

Juarez-Lincoln High School had the most challenges ahead of them, more than any of the other two schools. The JLHS Band was a very small band, with a student count of about 30. Despite the hardships, they started off history with their first marching show, "Carmen". The band was unable to attend UIL Pigskin Jubilee during its inaugural year because of lack students able to participate. This did not deter the band program. Now in its second year, the marching band has grown to an impressive number of about 60 students, and has recently marked its first official showcase in contest at UIL Pigskin Jubilee, where they received a Division II "Excellent" rating with their show "The 47 Ronin". What started off as a humble program with humble beginnings, the Juarez-Lincoln Husky Band is now marching to a different beat.

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