Kurt Barlow

Kurt Barlow is a fictional character in Stephen King's 1975 horror novel, 'Salem's Lot. The character is a master vampire, who terrorizes the small Maine town of Jerusalem's Lot. Although his true age is unknown, he claims to be ancient, so old that he predates the founding of Christianity by centuries.

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Vampire (Stephen King) - Notable Examples - Kurt Barlow
... Kurt Barlow is a Type One vampire who terrorizes the town of Jerusalem's Lot, Maine, before being killed by Ben Mears and Mark Petrie ...
Kurt Barlow - Straker
... Richard Throckett Straker was Barlow's 'familiar' or human thrall ... All of Barlow's business concerns are enacted by him ... Straker was killed by Barlow himself for allowing Mark Petrie to escape, and was hanged upside down from the rafters of the Marsten house ...