Kurdaitcha (or kurdaitcha man) is a ritual "executioner" in Australian Aboriginal culture (specifically the term comes from the Arrernte people). The word is also used by Europeans to refer to the shoes worn by the Kurdaitcha, woven of feathers and human hair and treated with blood. The Indigenous name for the shoes is interlinia in Northern Australia and intathurta in the South. Other spellings of Kurdaitcha are Cadiche and Kadaitcha.

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Frog Dreaming - Synopsis
... explored by the children is the story of the Kurdaitcha Man who acts as a sort of Australian version of the Boogey Man as well as a supernatural judge who deals out punishment ... The Kurdaitcha Man supposedly wanders the countryside, specifically at night, and wears shoes made of Emu feathers in order to cover any tracks ... The myth of the Kurdaitcha Man is further explored when Cody believes he sees him in a dream-like state putting the Donkey-Engine back into the lake ...