Kunigunde, Kunigunda or Cunigunde is a European female name of German origin. It is derived from kuni (clan, family) and gund (war). People with the given name Kunigunde/Cunegunde/Kunigunda

  • Cunigunde of Swabia (died 918), wife of Conrad and Queen of East Francia
  • St. Cunigunde of Luxembourg (died 1033), spouse of St. Henry II, Holy Roman Emperor
  • Kunigunde of Hohenstaufen, Queen of Bohemia, wife of Wenceslaus I of Bohemia
  • Kunigunda of Slavonia (died 1285), Queen consort of Bohemia and its regent from 1278-1285
  • St. Kinga of Poland (died 1292), Patroness of Poland and Lithuania
  • Kunigunde of Poland (c. 1298 – 9 April 1331), daughter of Władysław I the Elbow-high.
  • Cunigunde of Poland (died 1357), wife of Louis VI the Roman, Duke of Bavaria and Margrave of Brandenburg
  • Kunigunde of Sternberg (died 1449), first wife of George of Poděbrady
  • Kunigunde of Bohemia (died 1464), Queen Consort of King Matthias of Hungary
  • Kunigunde of Austria (died 1520), an Austrian Archduchess, wife of Albert IV, Duke of Bavaria
  • Cunégonde, a fictional character in Voltaire's novel Candide
Other meanings include
  • 936 Kunigunde, a minor planet orbiting the sun

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Faust (Spohr) - Synopsis
... his love for the young Röschen and his desire for Kunigunde, the fiancée of Count Hugo ... the devil Mefistofeles which allows him to rescue Kunigunde from the clutches of the evil knight Gulf ... obtains a love potion from the witch Sycorax which he gives to Kunigunde during her wedding celebrations ...
Kunigunde Of Poland - Biography
... Kunigunde's father was a bitter rival with Wenceslaus II of Bohemia who was King of Poland between 1291–1305 ... Life was dangerous for Kunigunde, her mother and her siblings during this time, she, her mother and two of her siblings had to go into hiding for a while during 1300 ...
Kunigunde Of Hohenstaufen - Marriage and Children
... In 1224, Kunigunde married Wenceslaus ... In 1230, Wenceslaus succeeded his father, with Kunigunde as his Queen consort ... However, Queen Kunigunde seems to be not important in politics, though she was the founder of monasteries ...
Kunigunde Of Hohenstaufen
... Kunigunde of Hohenstaufen or Kunigunde of Swabia (German Kunigunde von Staufen or Kunigunde von Schwaben, Czech Kunhuta Štaufská or Kunhuta Švábská) (1200? – 13 September 1248) was ...
Chojnik - Kunigunde Legend
... The ruins of Chojnik are tied to the myth of Kunigunde, a castle lord's daughter desired by many knights ... until a proud nobleman came along, who appealed to Kunigunde's eyes ... Kunigunde however, deeply humiliated, lunged into the abyss herself ...