Kundavai Pirāttiyār - Honored and Revered

Honored and Revered

She was one of the most revered women of the Chola empire. The day of avittam in every month is very special for the family as it is the natal star of Alvar Kundavai, the beloved elder sister of Rajaraja Chola I. An honorary festival and food offerings has been regularly arranged.

  • excerpt of related inscription:
..run-tiru-amudu sëd-arulavaum ăga nellu padin kalam-āga ōrādaikku nellu nūrru irubadin kalamum udaiyār sri-Rājarājadēvarkku mun pirand-arulina sri ālvār sri-Kundavai Pirāttiyār pirand-arulina avitta-tirunālāl tingal oru nāl tiru-vilā elund-arulavu.

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