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Usage of Kumar

North India
In Rajasthan, {formerly known as Rajputana}, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana
Kumar is used by different kshatriya castes.
Among the Rajputs, Kumar is often used as a Surname or title. Variants include: Kunwar, Kumara, Kumaru and Kumaran. Kumar means Prince; it is also used in heir apparent titles and enters into Rajput and Princely State titles. Kumar is also the name of a clan (all titled) kshatriyas who claim descent from the Suryavanshis or Chandravanshis lineage, the Ranas of Mewar, and the ancestral predecessors of the Maharanas of Udaipur in Rajasthan. It is also used as surname by khokhar Rajputs.

Among the Jats, Kumar is generally used a suffix or last name by the male member.

North Malabar
In North Malabar, Kumar or Kutty means boy or prince.
West Bengal
In Bengali "kumar" refers to young unmarried/single male or prince. It has a sanskrit origin: "kumar".
South India
Kumar is a very common name in South India, mostly used as a sufffix. It is also used as a common prefix (Title) like Mr., Mrs. & master.
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
Name used for original child follower of Supreme Father Shiva Baba; kumar for male and kumari for female. Divine family live pure life so hence like brother and sister of Father Brahma.
However, the above are not exclusive usages, and many other Hindu groups have adopted this title.

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