KSS can refer to:

  • Basketball Federation of Serbia (Кошаркашки Савез Србије / Košarkaški Savez Srbije)
  • Communist Party of Slovakia (Komunistická strana Slovenska)
  • Kelowna Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada
  • Kearn-Sayre syndrome, a disease caused by mitochondrial DNA deletion
  • Kirby Super Star, SNES game, 1996
  • Kirby: Squeak Squad, Nintendo DS game, 2006
  • Knightswood Secondary School in Scotland, United Kingdom
  • KSS (company) (ケイエスエス?), a Japanese anime studio.
  • KSS Design Group, architects
  • Kristiania Sporveisselskab, a defunct tram company in Oslo, Norway
  • Kudumbi Seva Sanghom, Indian organisation
  • Kwalikum Secondary School in British Columbia, Canada
  • Suleiman the Magnificent (Kanuni Sultan Süleyman), 10th sultan of Ottoman Empire
  • The post nominal letters for a papal Knight of the Order of St. Sylvester
  • Kinetic Style Sheets, an AJAX framework for Plone (software)

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List Of Ships Of The Republic Of Korea Navy - Commissioned Ships - Submarines
... in 2003) 052/1990 053/1991 175 tonnes ROKS Chang Bogo project name KSS-I Howaldtswerke-Deutsche Werft / Daewoo Shipbuilding Marine Engineering 061/1993 062/1994 063/1995 065/1995 ... A total of nine 3,000-ton KSS-III submarines are expected to be built in South Korea with indigenous technologies (i.e ... not going under license as the previous KSS-I and KSS-II submarines) ...
Communist Party Of Slovakia – 91
... Communist Party of Slovakia (in Slovak Komunistická strana Slovenska – 91, KSS '91) was as a communist party in Slovakia 1991-1992 ... KSS '91 was formed by orthodox elements of the original Communist Party of Slovakia (KSS), which opposed the mutation of KSS into the Party of the Democratic Left ... KSS '91 was registered at the Slovak authorities on March 6, 1991 ...
Kearns–Sayre Syndrome - Management and Treatment
... Currently there is no curative treatment for KSS ... mtDNA is rare or undetectable in satellite cells cultured from patients with KSS ... of promoting muscle cell regeneration and satellite cell proliferation, functional status in KSS patients could be greatly improved ...
Communist Party Of Slovakia (1939)
... Slovakia (Slovak Komunistická strana Slovenska, KSS) was a communist party in Slovakia ... When Czechoslovakia was again established as a unified state, the KSS was still a separate party for a while (1945–1948) ... After the merger KSS functioned as a regional affiliate of the KSČ, not as an independent political institution ...