Kosher Animals

Kosher animals are those that comply with the regulations of Jewish dietary law and are considered fit to eat. These food regulations ultimately derive from various passages in the Torah with various modifications, additions and clarifications added to these rules by traditional Jewish law.

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Kosher Animals - Small Land Creatures
... Like many of the other biblical lists of animals, the exact identity of the creatures in the list is uncertain the Masoretic Text names them as follows holed the Talmud describes it ... as galei a general term including the weasel, ferret, and the stoat, all of which are predatory animals noticeably attracted to holes in the ground ... all the creatures that crawl on the ground are not kosher Worms, snails and most invertebrate animals are not kosher ...
Milk And Meat In Jewish Law - The Term "g'di"
... to exclude birds, all the undomesticated kosher animals (for example, chevrotains and antelope), and all of the non-kosher animals ... had a similar analysis, but believed that since domesticated kosher animals (sheep, goats, and cattle) have similar meat to birds and to the non-domestic kosher land-animals, they should ... The term non-kosher means something is not allowed as food—non-kosher animals (e.g ...

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