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Korail operates all the long distance lines in South Korea as well as local lines. The Gyeongbu Line with its high-speed parallel line, running between the two largest cities, Seoul and Busan, is by far the most heavily travelled line. Other main lines include Honam Line and Jeolla Line, stretching into Jeolla region, the Janghang Line and the Jungang Line.

The South Korean government plans to invest $US 88 billion in the network from 2011 to 2020, with extensive double-tracking and electrification.

The current list of railway lines with regular passenger service is as follows (urban and metropolitan lines excepted):

  • Gyeongbu Line 경부선 : Seoul-Busan. Fully electrified double track.
    • Gyeongbu High-speed Line 경부고속선 : Seoul-Busan (Seoul-Daejeon and Okcheon-Chilgok in first phase). Fully electrified double track high speed.
  • Honam Line 호남선 : Daejeon-Mokpo. Fully electrified double track. Parallel high-speed line is being built.
    • Gwangju Line 광주선 : Gwangju Songjeong-Gwangju main station. Fully electrified single track branch line, for KTX and intercity services into central Gwangju.
  • Jeolla Line 전라선 : Iksan-Yeosu. Partially double track.
  • Janghang Line 장항선 : Cheonan-Iksan. This line formerly finished at Janghang station, but extended into Iksan when the link between Janghang and Gunsan completed in December 2008. Former Janghang and Gunsan lines consolidated into new Janghang Line.
  • Gyeongchun Line 경춘선 : Seoul-Chuncheon. Fully electrified line reopened in 2010.
  • Jungang Line 중앙선 : Seoul-Gyeongju. Partially electrified double track.
  • Chungbuk Line 충북선 : Jochiwon-Jecheon. Fully electrified double track. This line links Gyeongbu and Jungang main lines and therefore plays a great role in freight transport.
  • Yeongdong Line 영동선 : Yeongju-Gangneung. Partly electrified. The most mountainous route in Korea.
  • Taebaek Line 태백선 : Jecheon-Cheolam. Fully electrified, as a shortcut leading to Gangneung.
    • Jeongseon Line 정선선 : Jeungsan-Auraji. It's famous as a scenic route, but was originally built for coal mining.
  • Gyeongbuk Line 경북선 : Gimcheon-Yeongju.
  • Daegu Line 대구선 : Daegu-Yeongcheon.
  • Donghae Nambu Line 동해남부선 : Pohang-Busan.
  • Gyeongjeon Line 경전선 : Gwangju-Samnangjin. This line stretches along the southern coast and links Jeolla and Gyeongsang regions. Usually, this line is regarded as a set of branch lines, which feed local traffic into adjacent major lines.
  • Gyeongui Line 경의선 : Munsan-Dorasan (near DMZ).
  • Gyeongwon Line 경원선 : Soyosan-Sintan-ri (near DMZ)

The above two lines were country's main lines before division, but after division, only local trains have been in service. Now these two lines are almost regarded as metro lines, with Tonggeun (Commuter) services in some sections.

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