Koprulu Sector - Bhekar Ro

Bhekar Ro is a fringe planet in Terran space with unpredictable weather. It was colonised by a group of refugees fleeing from the Terran Confederacy, settling on the planet in hope of living independently and self-sustaining. Bhekar Ro houses a Xel'Naga temple, the first to be discovered by Terrans after a severe storm and an earthquake revealed it. This artifact became the focus of a major battle between a Protoss expeditionary force, the Zerg Kukulkan Brood and the Dominion Alpha Squadron after the temple was accidentally activated by one of the colonists.

The only settlement on the planet is Free Haven, built by the first colonists who came to Bhekar Ro to escape from the Terran Confederacy.

The weather on Bhekar Ro is described as unpredictable with no identifiable storm season. The storms are described as having thunders with sonic boom intensity and laser lightning that sears down from the clouds like luminous spears, combined with incidences of hailstorms in the planet. The planet has a massive supply of Vespene gas, with the violent weather regularly unearthing more geysers.

The colony was devastated by the spore plague which killed many of the colonists, including the parents of the main character of the novel "Shadow of The Xel\'Naga".

The battle resulted in the complete annihilation of the Protoss and Zerg force, leaving only a handful of surviving Alpha squadron, and their leader who had not participated in the battle, Duke. The world is also rid of its violent thunderstorms, and earthquakes as the world's energy is stabilised after being absorbed by the released Xel'Naga creation. The "energy of life released" by the phoenix-like creature also made the planet much more habitable and arable than it once was.

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