Kirche - Gallia


Sheffield (シェフィールド, Shefīrudo?)
Voiced by: Masako Katsuki
Sheffield is the main antagonist for the second and third anime seasons. A mysterious beauty. Sheffield is introduced as Cromwell's secretary in the Reconquista faction, but later kills Cromwell after he is captured by Tristain, which furthers the war between Albion and Tristain. Sheffield poisons South Gotha's water supply so those who drink it will also revolt against Tristania and Queen Henrietta. In the third anime season, she reveals that she is Myozunitonirun (God's Brain), a familiar of a Void Mage. Her power is to use artifacts to summon and control demons and magic creatures. She later reveals that her master is Joseph, the current King of Gallia, who is searching for other void mages.
Joseph (ジョセフ, Josefu?)
Voiced by: Jūrōta Kosugi
The current king of Gallia and Sheffield's master as well as Tabitha's uncle. Considered to be cold-blooded amid his hunger for power, it's revealed that he killed Tabitha's father and was behind the potion that drove Tabitha's mother to go insane. He is also a Void Mage with the ability of 'Acceleration'. Obsessed with the Founder's music box. At the end, it is revealed he caused destruction in Romalia to see if any sense of remorse is within himself.

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