Kinnikuman Anime-original Characters - Muscle Returns

Muscle Returns

Although this story has had some continuity errors removed in recent reprints, it still does not fit in well with Kinnikuman Nisei canon.

  • Kevin Mask - The son of Robin Mask and later a major character in Kinnikuman Nisei. He appears in the original printing as a child sized duplicate of Robin Mask and refers to Robin as "Tou-san" (ηˆΆγ•γ‚“,, father?), but in the Remix he is changed to look more like he does in Nisei and refers to Robin as "Daddy". His presence in the story is one of its biggest continuity errors, as the story takes place 8 years after the Survivor Match and his starting age in Nisei (18) implies that he has not even been born yet.

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