King River

King River may refer to:

  • King River, former name of Centerville, Fresno County, California
  • King River (Northern Territory)
  • King River (Queensland)
  • King River (Tasmania)
  • King River (Victoria)
  • King River (Western Australia), the river
  • King River, Western Australia, the town

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Crotty Dam
... Crotty Dam also known earlier as the King River Dam is an 82metre high concrete faced rock and gravel fill dam in Western Tasmania ... It is one of two dams that contain Lake Burbury, which forms the headwaters for the King River Hydroelectric Power Development on Tasmania's West Coast ... The dam is located in the upper reaches of the King River gorge where the river breaks through the West Coast Range ...
Poulaphouca Reservoir - Nature
... sometimes known as "lakes" due to its shape, which arises because it lies in not one but two river valleys - that of the Liffey and, primarily, that of the King River ... The King's River joined the Liffey at Baltiboys, at which point it was the larger flow, and when the Liffey was dammed downstream of the confluence, the King's River Valley was flooded far ...
Joseph Conrad - Merchant Navy - British Voyages - Master
... living for some years as a trading agent on Borneo, at Berau, on the Berau River ... The Vidar penetrated deep inland, steaming up the rivers ... Folly, and later "An Outpost of Progress" (1897, set in a Congo savagely exploited by King Leopold II of Belgium) and "Heart of Darkness" (1899, likewise set in the Congo), contain many bitter reflections on colonialism ...

Famous quotes containing the words river and/or king:

    At sundown, leaving the river road awhile for shortness, we went by way of Enfield, where we stopped for the night. This, like most of the localities bearing names on this road, was a place to name which, in the midst of the unnamed and unincorporated wilderness, was to make a distinction without a difference, it seemed to me.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The King o’ Scots, and a’ his power
    Canna turn Arthur O’Bower.
    Unknown. The Wind (l. 3–4)