King Munmu

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Emperor Gaozong Of Tang - Reign - Xianheng Era (670–674)
... By 674, Emperor Gaozong was displeased at King Munmu of Silla encouragement of Goguryeo revival movements who continued to resist Tang rule over the region and he stripped King Munmu ... However, King Munmu formally apologized and offered tribute, Emperor Gaozong ordered a withdrawal and recalled Kim Immun ...
Liu Rengui - During Emperor Gaozong's Reign - After The Campaign Against Baekje
... and its former ally, Silla, were in constant battle, as Silla's King Munmu had taken over much of former Baekje and Goguryeo territory and fostered resistance against Tang ... Emperor Gaozong, in anger, declared King Munmu's brother Kim Immun/Jin Renwen (金仁問) the king of Silla and commissioned Liu with an army to attack Silla ... Gaozong, not wanting to prolong the confrontation with Silla, ordered Liu to withdraw after King Munmu formally apologized and offered tribute in 675 ...
Munmu Of Silla - After Unification Wars
... Munmu ruled over unified Silla for twenty years, until he fell ill in 681 ... Before he died he said "A country should not be without a king at any time ... become a dragon and thwart foreign invasion." King Sinmun did as his father asked, and scattered his ashes over Daewangam (the Rock of the Great King), a small rocky islet a hundred ...

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