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Other Segments

Each half-hour episode of King Leonardo consisted of five animated segments. Each half-hour included a two-part King and Odie cliffhanger story, with other characters featured in between:

  • Tooter Turtle: The adventures of a turtle (voiced by Allen Swift to sound similar to Mortimer Snerd) who has Mr. Wizard the Lizard (voiced by Sandy Becker) transport him to various settings only to realize he was better off at home.
  • The Hunter: A Southern-accented crime-fighting bloodhound (voiced by Kenny Delmar) often chases after an evil fox simply named the Fox (voiced by Ben Stone). The Hunter's personality was similar to that of Delmar's earlier radio character, Senator Claghorn, on the Fred Allen Show (the inspiration for character Foghorn Leghorn).

Early in the series' NBC run, selected Columbia Pictures theatrical cartoons were aired on the program, some featuring The Fox and the Crow and Li'l Abner.

These shorts were added to fill time when production on the early shows was delayed. The Columbia cartoons previously had been featured during NBC showings of Hanna-Barbera's Ruff and Reddy and were not included in subsequent syndicated versions of the series.

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