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List Of Madagascar Characters - Main Characters - Mort
... Julien finds Mort incredibly annoying, and does not hesitate in proclaiming so ... Mort has an obsession with Julien's feet for reasons never stated, although in the episode "Sting Operation" when the penguins turn into idiots, they had the same obsession for feet just like ... In his anger, Julien once banished Mort from their habitat at the zoo, forcing Mort to seek a "cure" ...
Madagascar (2005 Film) - Plot
... Upon exploring, however, they come across a pack of lemurs led by King Julien XIII, and quickly learn of their true location ... The group is accepted by the lemurs, though King Julien's adviser, Maurice, cautions them about Alex's predatory nature ... King Julien ignores Maurice's concerns and persuades the group to help the lemurs fend off the fossa, who hunt the lemurs as prey ...
Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa - Plot
... the Chimpanzees Mason (voiced by Conrad Vernon) and Phil, and even the Lemurs King Julien (voiced by Sacha Baron Cohen), Maurice (voiced by Cedric the ... Back on the reserve, King Julien suggests that the animals offer a sacrifice in the volcano, Mount Kilimanjaro, to appease the water gods ... completing the sacrifice (Maurice says "I hope the gods like seafood.") and causing King Julien to think that he brought back the water ...

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