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Ælfgifu, Wife Of Eadwig - Dowagerhood
... October 959) and was succeeded by his brother Edgar as king of all England ... Adopting B's depiction of Edgar's Mercian reign as the outcome of a very coup against Eadwig, he amplifies the story by suggesting that Eadwig's mistress (adultera) was hamstrung in an ambush by Mercian ... the mid-960s, she had come to enjoy some peace, prosperity and a good understanding with King Edgar and the royal house ...
Knighten Guilde - Origin
... the Franchise at the gate, was sometime a Guild, and had beginning in the dayes of king Edgar, more than 600 yeares since ... Knights, or Soldiers welbeloved to the king and realme, for service by them done, which requested to haue a certaine portion of land on the East part of the Citie, left ... They besought the king to haue this land, with the libertie of a Guilde for euer the king granted to their request with conditions following that is ...
Thored - Origins
... suggested by others, Thored carrying out the orders of King Edgar the Peaceable ... who appears for the first time in charter attestations during the reign of King Edgar (959–75), his earliest possible appearance being in 964, witnessing a ... A charter issued by Edgar in 966, granting land in Oxfordshire to a woman named Ælfgifu, has an illegible ealdorman witness signature beginning with Þ, which may be Thored ...

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    The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail—its roof may shake—the wind may blow through it—the storm may enter—the rain may enter—but the King of England cannot enter!—all his forces dare not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!
    William Pitt, The Elder, Lord Chatham (1708–1778)