Kievan Period

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Culture Of Ancient Rus - Kievan Period
... dates back to the adoption of Christianity in 989, when the principalities of Kievan Rus’ came under the sphere of influence of the Byzantine Empire, one of the most advanced cultures of the time ... After the completion of the most important cathedral of Kievan Rus’—Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kiev, named after the principal cathedral of the Byzantine capital—a Russian clergyman, the ... Thus, Kievan Rus’ became part of the broader Christian world, under Byzantium's influence ...
History Of The Russian Language - Historical Development - Kievan Period and Feudal Breakup
... and the literary Old Church Slavonic language operated throughout Kievan Rus. 15th century, Gnezdovo was a part of the independent Principality of Smolensk.) During the pre-Kievan period, the main sources of borrowings were Germanic languages, particularly Gothic ... In the Kievan period, however, loanwords and calques entered the vernacular primarily from Old Church Slavonic and from Byzantine Greek краткий ОCS ...

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