Kho'ini Dialect - Vocabulary and Example Sentences

Vocabulary and Example Sentences

English Xoini Persian Example sentence English
big pilla bozorg (pil) em kay pilli This house is big.
bring (v) wuare âvardan wuar-ek He brings.
brother berâ barâdar berâ-y nâmi Your brother did not come.
come (v) âme/owme/o:me âmadan agar angâ bubum mâm If I should be here, I will come.
cry (v) bereme geristan xorde beremasta-r-e The child is crying
day ru ruz moru nürüja paši pistarim bešum Today afternoon I want to go
do (v) kaye kardan te čekâra kay'da-r-iš? What are you doing?
door bar dar moru hüš bare ka-y(r)ar-e? Have you today closed the door at all?
eat (v) xuae xordan nun xuay-dar-im I am in (the act of) eating bread
eye gelgân češm xodâ gelgân-i sibi bevendâ(r)neg may God turn your eyes white (i.e., may you lose sight)
father piar pedar xodâ piar-eš rahmat bekarek May God show mercy to his father.
fire âtaš âtaš âtaš daš-kaye to kindle fire
good nâza xub pa:ta xorâk čie-râ nâza nigi Cooked food is not good for him (lit.: this one).
house kay xâne mâ kay-mân na-xarata-mân we have not sold our house.
laugh (v) kejer xandidan te tanga omri da hüš kejerestayš Till now, have you ever laughed in your life?
mother mâdar mâyem wujem I will tell my mother.
open (v) kare/kar-âje gošudan xurdek kay da ništa be, vindeš divâr kareste-r-âje The child was sitting in the house (when) he saw the wall was cracked open.
paddy čaltuk čaltuk bav-šân-est-a(g) čaltuk hani nembu jam-kay one can any longer gather scattered rice.
place laka em laka a laka tafâvot nedârek This place (or) that place makes no difference.
read (v) xuande/xwand xândan bavandân-da az harru xuanda wut-m-išt-im, dasnamâz-em gat-e-par-e, namâzema xuand-em-e xalaw-em da:-m-en-kak gerava-m da:menkak še-ma wâjâr In those times I used to rise from sleep, make ablution, say my prayers, would put on my clothes, would put on my socks (and) would go to the market.
say (v) wuje/wute goftan nemâz-eš en-wuj-ek (every day) he says his prayers.
sister xow/xâw xâhar em kâqe xowem berâsen Make reach (deliver) this letter to my sister.
water ow âb/ow parsâr ow-ni-mon darde/owmon nedard Last year we did not have water.
woman žani zan em žani nâzi This woman is good.
yesterday zir diruz/di az zir va bim te n-âmayš I was there yesterday (but) you did not come (lit.: have not come).

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