Khmas System

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Ait Ouriaghel - Khmas System
... are with the Ikeräiyen the only Riffian tribes that make use of the Khmas system ... A khams (singular for Khmas) is a sort of independent tribe inside a tribe, with their own qaid (tribe-leader) ... These are the five Khmas of the Ait Waryaghar Khams of the Ait Youssouf W'Äri / Ait Äri Khams of the Ait Bouäyach Khams of the Imrabdhen Khams of the Ait Abdellah Khams of the Ait ...

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    We recognize caste in dogs because we rank ourselves by the familiar dog system, a ladderlike social arrangement wherein one individual outranks all others, the next outranks all but the first, and so on down the hierarchy. But the cat system is more like a wheel, with a high-ranking cat at the hub and the others arranged around the rim, all reluctantly acknowledging the superiority of the despot but not necessarily measuring themselves against one another.
    —Elizabeth Marshall Thomas. “Strong and Sensitive Cats,” Atlantic Monthly (July 1994)