Key Servers

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Key Server (cryptographic) - History
... Key servers are made possible by the discovery of public key cryptography ... In public key cryptography an individual is able to generate a key pair, where one of the keys is kept private while the other is distributed publicly ... Knowledge of the public key does not compromise the security of public key cryptography ...
Key Server (cryptographic) - Public Versus Private Keyservers
... Many publicly accessible key servers, located around the world, are computers which store and provide OpenPGP keys over the Internet for users of that cryptosystem ... Several publicly accessible S/MIME key servers are available to publish or retrieve certificates used with the S/MIME cryptosystem ... There are also multiple proprietary public key infrastructure systems which maintain key servers for their users those may be private or public, and only the ...

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    Power, in Case’s world, meant corporate power. The zaibatsus, the multinationals ..., had ... attained a kind of immortality. You couldn’t kill a zaibatsu by assassinating a dozen key executives; there were others waiting to step up the ladder; assume the vacated position, access the vast banks of corporate memory.
    William Gibson (b. 1948)