Kevin Moran (footballer)

Kevin Moran (footballer)

Kevin Bernard Moran (Irish: Caoimhín Bearnard Ó Móráin; born 29 April 1956 in Dublin) is a former Irish footballer who excelled at the top levels in both Gaelic and soccer. In Gaelic football, he is known for his time as a Dublin senior team player, winning two All-Ireland Senior Football Championships with them, and in soccer for his career with Manchester United and Ireland. He was the first man to be sent off in an FA Cup Final.

Moran grew up in Rialto, Dublin until his early teens, before he moved to the Long Mile Road in Walkinstown. While there, he attended James' Street CBS and Drimnagh Castle CBS where gaelic football was the dominant sport although soccer proved to be the sport he played on the streets while growing up. During the period in which he played Gaelic football for Good Counsel and soccer for Rangers, Bohemians and Pegasus he had divided loyalties between the two sports, as both sports were then played on a Saturday.

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