Keith Fraser (skier)

Keith Fraser (born 4 February 1968) is a Scottish-born skier who represented Swaziland (as a bona fide naturalised citizen of that country) at the 1992 Winter Olympics in Albertville, France. He competed in three events: Slalom, where he failed to finish the first run; Giant Slalom, where he came 63rd (starting No.98 from 131 skiers) ; and Super G, finishing 79th (out of 118 skiers). So far, he is the only athlete to have represented Swaziland in the Winter Olympic Games.

Keith, known locally as "Swaz" now works as a ski instructor / trainer at Vail in Colorado, USA. He also serves as an instructor examiner with the Rocky Mountain Division of PSIA, the national association of instructors in the USA.

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