KDE Games - List of Software - Kdegames 3 Only

Kdegames 3 Only

These games were part of the kdegames module in KDE3 but were removed for the KDE4 release due to lack of maintainership:

  • KPoker - A video poker game.
  • KAsteroids – An Asteroids clone for KDE.
  • KFoulEggs – A Puyo Puyo game.
  • KSirtet – A simple Tetris clone, titled by reversing the name Tetris to avoid trademark problems. An early version was developed in 1998, but the project possibly started as far back as 1996. The final stable version was released December, 2002.
  • KSmileTris – A Tetris variation.
  • Atlantik – Monopoly for KDE.
  • KBackgammon – Backgammon for KDE.
  • KenolabA – Abalone for KDE.
  • Klickety – Klickety is an adaptation of clickomania / SameGame to KDE, similar to KSameGame.
  • KSokoban – Sokoban

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