Kayan may refer to:

  • Kayan people (Borneo)
  • Kayan people (Burma)
  • Kayan language (Burma)
  • Kayan languages (Borneo)
  • Kayan, Baghlan, town in Baghlan Province, Afghanistan
  • Kayan, Armenia, town in Armenia
  • Kayan, Orūzgān, town in the Orūzgān Province of Afghanistan
  • Kayan, Burkina Faso, town in Burkina Faso in West Africa
  • Kayan, Iran, city in Iran

Other articles related to "kayan":

Lundu, Sarawak - History
... Although the main river is called Batang Kayan, "the Kayan river," there is no evidence at all that any Kayan people ever lived there. ... and settled on the west bank of the Batang Kayan, where Kampong Stunggang Melayu now stands ...
Nai Soi - Refugee Camp - Kayan People and Tourism
... is also home to a large population of the Kayan people inside Thailand ... In the last 20 years, the Kayan population has grown to 520 ... The Kayan people are a sub-group of the Karenni minority in Burma ...
Kayan–Murik Languages
... The Kayan or Kayan–Murik languages are a group of Austronesian languages spoken in Borneo by the Kayan, Punan, and related peoples ... They are, Modang–Kayan Kayan proper Bahau, various languages called Kayan Modang Modang, Segai (Punan Kelai) Punan–Kajang Muller-Schwaner "Punan" Bukat, Hovongan ... Robert Blust (1991) specifically excluded Kayan from his North Bornean languages ...
North Sarawakan Languages
... (1991), cited in Adelaar Himmelmann (2005), had specifically excluded the Kayan (Kayan-Murik) languages, though including the neighboring Kenyah languages ... However, the 2008 study found Kenyah to fall within Kayan-Murik, and that all were North Sarawakan North Sarawakan languages Kayan–Murik (incl ...