Kati Apo Mena - Track Listing

Track Listing

No. Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "I Kardia Mou" (My Heart) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:10
2. "Sto Soma Sou" (On Top of Your Body) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:19
3. "Mono Ego S'agapo" (Only I Love You) Stelios Rokkos Stelios Rokkos 3:12
4. "Ta Aspra Triandafylla" (White Roses) Natalia Germanou Giorgos Theofanous 3:58
5. "O Tropos Pou Kitazi" (The Way She Stares) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 3:48
6. "Theleis I Den Theleis" (Do You Want To Or Not) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 3:35
7. "Den Ehi Sidera I Kardia Sou" (Your Heart Does Not Have Metal Rails) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:06
8. "Meta Apo Sena To Chaos" (After You The Chaos) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 4:02
9. "Ipirhes Panda" (You Were Always There) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 3:51
10. "Mono Ego" (Only Me) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 4:02
11. "Me Pio Dikeoma" (With What Right) Giorgos Theofanous Giorgos Theofanous 3:59
12. "Arketa" (Enough) Natalia Germanou Giorgos Theofanous 3:41
13. "Poso Thelo, Na 'Xeres" (How I Want You To Know) Vangelis Konstantinidis Giorgos Theofanous 4:35
14. "Tha Mou Pari Kero" (It Will Take Me Some Time) Stelios Rokkos Stelios Rokkos 4:05
15. "Den Ftais Esy" (It's Not Your Fault) Stelios Rokkos / Nikos Gritsis Stelios Rokkos 4:11
16. "Den Tha 'Me Ego Eki" (I Won't Be There) Stelios Rokkos Stelios Rokkos 3:42

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