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The Tudors - Departures From History
... until 1536, long enough to marry the only daughter of Anne Boleyn's uncle Thomas Howard, Duke of Norfolk, and be a witness to Anne Boleyn's execution ... Mary's governess) was executed during Katherine Howard's time as Queen-consort ... By the time he married Catherine Howard, the real Henry was middle-aged and obese - not a svelte, still relatively young man as portrayed on the show ...
List Of The Tudors Episodes - Episode List - Season 4 (2010)
... Maria Doyle Kennedy, Natalie Dormer, and Annabelle Wallis reprised their roles as Katherine of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, and Jane Seymour, respectively, in individual dream sequences in the ... Reformation goes on and Henry has just married the beautiful Katherine Howard, his fifth Queen, who is a mere seventeen years old ... Katherine is different from earlier wives in more ways than age though born into an aristocratic family, she had been left by her impoverished father in the care of her aunt, who raised her ...
List Of The Tudors Characters - Recurring
... England, Mendoza serves as a link between Queen Katherine and her nephew, Charles V, as her letters are being opened by Cardinal Wolsey ... He is also the one friend Katherine has at court, since her Spanish ladies-in-waiting were dismissed by Wolsey, and her English ladies-in-waiting were either bribed or seduced by the Cardinal, to say nothing of being ... He is promoted by Charles and sent home to Spain, leaving the issue of Queen Katherine and King Henry's divorce to the new ambassador to handle ...

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