Kask may refer to:

  • Asta Kask, a punk band from Töreboda, Sweden
  • A common Estonian surname (meaning birch), with notable bearers including:
    • Janne Kask, former singer of the Swedish band Brainpool
    • Jana Kask (born 1991), Estonian singer and the winner of Eesti otsib superstaari (Estonian version of Pop Idol) 2008
    • Oskar Kask (1898–1942), Estonian politician (et)
    • Teet Kask (born 1968), Estonian ballet dancer and choreographer

Other articles related to "kask":

Brainpool (band) - History
... formed in Lund, Scania, and the original members were vocalist Jan "Janne" Kask, guitarist David Birde, bassist Christoffer Lundquist, and drummer Jens Jansson ... Janne Kask left the band in 1997 to pursue a solo career ... We cowardly chose the latter." The band not only decided to stay together after Kask left, but they decided to change their style and their music ...
Asta Kask
... Asta Kask is a punk band from Töreboda, Sweden ... It was founded as "X-tas" in 1978, but changed to Asta Kask in 1980 ... In April 2006, Asta Kask recorded their first new album in 20 years ...
Tim Kask - After TSR
... Kask left the games industry in 1983 to do freelance editing, ghost-writing, and speech-writing ... In 2006 Kask was a celebrity auctioneer, with Frank Mentzer, at Gen Con Indy ... the company, who had become managing editor of The Crusader magazine, persuaded Kask to write a monthly column for his magazine ...
Tim Kask
... Timothy James Kask (born January 14, 1949) is an American editor and writer in the role-playing game industry ... Kask became interested in board games in his childhood, and later turned to miniatures wargames ... Kask left TSR in 1980 to start Manzakk Publishing ...
Eesti Otsib Superstaari - Seasons - Season 2
... superstaari (season 2), victory to Jana Kask before Arno Suislep The second season of Eesti otsib superstaari debuted on 3 February 2008 ... The series was won by Jana Kask, who collected 52,9% of the votes in the Finale ... Kask signed a record dea while the album was not released by the recording company because of 'riskful situation in the local music market' ...