Karner Blue Butterflies

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Karner Blue - Ecology - Predators
... Spiders and many insects are the major predators of Karner blue butterflies ... The seven-spotted lady beetle is one of the few confirmed predators of Karner blue butterfly larvae ... emarginatum has been seen chewing on Karner blue butterfly eggs ...
Karner Blue - Management Considerations
... succession are considered the major causes of the decline of the Karner blue butterfly ... At the time of this writing (2006), two reviews summarize the recent status of Karner blue butterfly across its range ... Articles that address Karner blue butterfly sampling methodology include ...
Karner Blue - Ecology - Food Habits
... Wild lupine is the sole larval food source of the Karner blue butterfly ... Adult Karner blue butterflies obtain nectar from several native and nonnative species ... Karner blue butterflies have been reported feeding on the nectar of 41 different species in a single study in west-central Wisconsin ...

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