Karamata's Inequality

In mathematics, Karamata's inequality, named after Jovan Karamata, also known as the majorization inequality, is a theorem in elementary algebra for convex and concave real-valued functions, defined on an interval of the real line. It generalizes the discrete form of Jensen's inequality.

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Jovan Karamata - Life
... Jovan Karamata was born in Zagreb on February 1, 1902 in an ethnic Serb family descending from a merchant family from the city of Zemun which was then in Croatia and now in Serbia ... Zemun but because of constant warfare on the borderlands, Karamata's father sent him, together with his brothers and his sister, to Switzerland for their own safety ... Karamata was member of the Swiss, French and German mathematical societies, the French Association for the Development of Science, and the primary editor ...

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