Karachi School of Art - Selected Achievements

Selected Achievements

  • Truck Art Caravan 1994 in collaboration with PSO, supervised by Durriya Kazi. The purpose of the project was to bring art back to the people to whom it belongs and originate from. A truck decorated by art students in socio-political perspective, loaded with a mobile gallery traveled throughout the eminent city of Pakistan from Peshawar to Karachi in a month.
  • Artist Exchange Program 1997 in collaboration with Scotland Transport Museum. This project Karachi School of Art sponsored the stay of an English artist Nicola Griffith and study of indigenous origin of the decoration of transport vehicles, i.e., trucks, buses, rickshaw, taxis and carts. In response to that a Pakistani artist from KSA, Afshan Abid was invited to Scotland to work and decorate two most modern vehicles — a road liner and a commuter van — in the context of typical Pakistani decoration. The road liner was kept in regular services in decorated state for six month. The commuter van became the permanent exhibit of Scotland transport museum with the well-elaborated context of the join venture between two nations and from Karachi School of Art.
  • Top seven positions in Athena Awards 1996, conducted by One to One communication.
  • National awards secured by the artists belonging to Karachi School of Art on innumerable occasions.
  • Academic position in board since birth of the Board of Technical Education Sindh, Karachi School of Art has always held the best track record in term of positions in board examination.
  • Admission in NCA postgraduate program. The standard of education in Karachi School of Art, in term of philosophy and craft, is positively recognized by National College of Art (NCA) Lahore, by enrolling two graduates of Karachi School of Art in the second badge of masters program on the bases of four years diploma studies completed at KSA.
  • Participation in Sheraton Art Festival every year. Since the beginning of this local event Karachi School of Art has been the largest contributor amongst all art institutions of Karachi.
  • Commissioned paintings for Oman (Masquat). In August 1999, a group of five young and promising artists — Abid Hassan, A.Q. Arif, Shariq Ayaz, Zia Haider and Moazam Ilyas Jilani — were invited at Oman’s national day celebrations. The assignment was to paint on mesh and plywood surfaces. The huge paintings were displayed on eminent spots in the capital.

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