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Climax Cellphone K-Taros (クライマックス携帯ケータロス, Kuraimakkusu Keitai Kētarosu?) is a special cellphone that was formed from the sandy remains of the Tarōs upon reacting to Ryotaro's feelings. Each of the buttons on the keypad correlate to a phrase that allows Ryotaro to call up one of Tarōs. Once attached to the Den-O Belt and the code 3-6-9-# is entered, Den-O can transform into Climax Form. The K-Taros can also summon the DenKamen Sword to evoke Liner Form. It can also be used as a normal cell phone, often being used to communicate with the DenLiner crew.

  • 3-2-1 spells "Momo-Taro-S" (モモ-タロ-ス, Momo-Taro-Su?)
  • 6-5-4 spells "Ura-Taro-S" (ウラ-タロ-ス, Ura-Taro-Su?)
  • 9-8-7 spells "Kin-Taro-S" (キン-タロ-ス, Kin-Taro-Su?)
  • #-0-* spells "Ryu-Taro-S" (リュウ-タロ-ス, Ryū-Taro-Su?)
  • 3-6-9-# spells "Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryu" (モモ-ウラ-キン-リュウ, Momo-Ura-Kin-Ryū?). This code allows for Den-O to become Climax Form.

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