Kalaba-X - Sources and External Links

Sources and External Links

  • Kalaba-X —Conlang Profile
  • Pike's article on the language
Constructed languages (conlangs)
Types and concepts
  • Artistic language (artlang)
  • Constructed language (conlang)
  • Constructed script
  • Engineered language (engelang)
  • Fictional language
  • International auxiliary language (IAL)
  • Language game
  • Musical language
  • Relexification
  • Universal language
  • Zonal language
  • Afrihili
  • Atlantean
  • Barsoomian
  • Blissymbols
  • Brithenig
  • Damin
  • Dothraki
  • Enochian
  • Esperanto
  • Glosa
  • Idiom Neutral
  • Ido
  • Interlingua
  • Ithkuil (Ilaksh)
  • Kēlen
  • Klingon
  • Láadan
  • Lingua Franca Nova
  • Lingua Ignota
  • Loglan
  • Lojban
  • Na'vi
  • Nadsat
  • Neo
  • Novial
  • Occidental
  • Quenya
  • Ro
  • Sambahsa
  • Sindarin
  • Slovianski
  • Solresol
  • Sona
  • Spokil
  • Teonaht
  • Toki Pona
  • Tsolyáni
  • Volapük
  • Wenedyk
  • Esperanto vs. Ido
  • Esperanto vs. Interlingua
  • Esperanto vs. Novial
  • Ido vs. Interlingua
  • Ido vs. Novial
  • Conlanger
  • Conlang X-SAMPA
  • Langmaker
  • Language Creation Conference
  • Language Creation Society
  • Translation relay
  • Zompist.com
  • List of constructed languages
  • Codes for constructed languages
  • Portal
  • WikiProject

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