Jury Tampering

Jury tampering is the crime of unduly attempting to influence the composition and/or decisions of a jury during the course of a trial.

The means by which this crime could be perpetrated can include attempting to discredit potential jurors to ensure they will not be selected for duty. Once selected, jurors could be bribed or intimidated to act in a certain manner on duty. It could also involve making unauthorized contact with them for the purpose of introducing prohibited outside information and then arguing for a mistrial.

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Ben Gold - Antitrust Prosecution
... brought a fresh set of charges against Gold on May 17, 1940, accusing him of jury tampering during his first trial ... As the jury deliberated Gold's fate, a group of employers sued Gold and the NTWIU for $3 million in damages under the Clayton Antitrust Act, and accusations of witness tampering were levied ... A mistrial occurred in the Gold jury tampering case on June 28, 1940, after the jury was unable to reach a verdict ...
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... The John Grisham book The Runaway Jury and the film adaptation Runaway Jury both depict jury tampering ... The Juror is a 1996 film which depicts jury tampering, as does the novel by George Dawes Green on which it was based. 8 but he forgot and she was said to be guilty In the jury ITV drama a juror, Paul, is brought evidence by a former jury member on the case (the case is in retrial) she turns out to ...
Pirate Decryption - Technical Issues
... be received without the card and its ASIC, the card itself was vulnerable to tampering by reprogramming it to add channel tiers or additional ... On May 15, 2008 a jury in the Echostar vs NDS civil lawsuit(82003cv00950) awarded Echostar just over $1500 USD in damages, Echostar original sought 1 billion in damages ... firmware designed to exploit this weakness was sold to pirates for use in tampering with cards for the US-based DirecTV system ...
Criminal Justice Act 2003 - Trials Without A Jury - Jury Tampering
... that there was "evidence of a real and present danger that jury tampering would take place", and "notwithstanding any steps (including the provision of police protection) which might ... Chief Justice, Lord Judge, allowing the first-ever Crown Court trial to be held without a jury ...

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